He's always been a wry chronicler of life’s many highs and lows (but mostly lows) and now singer-songwriter Randy Newman has written a new song entitled Stay Away as a reminder about social distancing in these strange days.

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Not to be confused with his 1972 song, Sail Away, the 76-year-old artist, native of LA and father of five wrote the song in response to a request from California public radio station KPCC. 

Newman, who won an Oscar for his work on the score of Toy Story 3, has also been talking about how he is spending his time during lockdown, which he is spending at home with his wife, Gretchen. 

Speaking to the LA Times, he said, "When everybody comes out [of the safer-at-home order], it’ll be divorce court. I can hear it in people’s voices. They go, "Oh, it’s all right," and it’s often relationship trouble. It’s really, really hard. I mean, you have to treat it like a long-distance race rather than a sprint. You gotta let stuff go, and some people can’t do it."

Asked how he is spending his days and whether he had developed any new rituals since lockdown, he said, "In sort of a slothful way. I collapse into each day. One thing about it is there’s no rush for anything. If I want to take 20 minutes to tie my shoes, I can do it.

"At some point after getting up and having breakfast, I’ll go in a room where there’s a piano, a television and a CD player, and do one or the other. Or read. I hit a massive groove with these books I’m reading."

And like many of us, Newman has definite plans about what he’s going to do when lockdown is over. 

"I was just thinking about that," he says. "Have a family party. I haven’t told my wife about that. She’ll have to do everything, because nobody in my family is competent."

Here’s the video for Stay Away and also the lyrics for you to enjoy in full. 

Stay Away

Venus in sweatpants

That's who you are

And when this mess is over

I'll buy you a car

We'll drive that car

So fast and so far

All your stupid friends

Will be left behind

Stay away from me

Baby, keep your distance, please

Stay away from me

Words of love in times like these

I'm gonna be with you 24 hours a day

A lot of people couldn't stand that

But you can

You'll be with me 24 hours a day

What a lucky man I am

Stay away from me

Wash your hands

Don't touch your face

How do you like that

Wash your hands

Don't touch your face

I saw you

Thirty years together

And we're still having fun

Once we were two,

Now we are one

Let's go out and get a burger

When you're done, you're done

Memories of the past

Be kind to one another

Tell her you love her every day

If you're angry about something, let it go

If the kids are frightened, tell them not to be afraid

But don't let them touch your face

Don't let them touch your face