Ahead of the eagerly-awaited third season of Killing Eve, Fiona Shaw has said fans of the thriller series will be wrong-footed by what lies ahead.

In an interview with the BBC, the BAFTA-winning Irish star said: "The audience are very quick and know everything that could possibly happen but I think they're going to get something that they didn't expect this season."

"It's quite remarkable in that it's become more serious and, in many ways, more funny," Shaw continued. "It's as if the elements that already exist have been expanded.

"We start pulling at the characters and making them failures where they seem successes, serious where you thought they were funny or despondent when you hoped they were optimistic, cynical when you thought they were hopeful.

"It has been very interesting seeing them morph and develop and watching how the worlds that they're in are beginning to close in on them."

Killing Eve returns to BBC One on Sunday, April 19.

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