Piers Morgan, Hugh Grant, Susanna Reid and Alan Sugar have tweeted messages of support for Boris Johnson as he battles coronavirus. 

Morgan wrote: "This is an incredibly serious situation for the British prime Minister. Boris Johnson's condition with #coronavirus at St Thomas's Hospital has dramatically worsened in the last few hours & he was moved into intensive care at 7pm. Fight hard Boris - we're all rooting for you."

Actor Hugh Grant, who played a fictional PM in Love, Actually, said that while he may not agree with Johnson's politics, best wishes for the UK Prime Minister's health came first on this occasion.

"I haven’t been his greatest supporter but v much rooting for the PM tonight," Grant wrote.

Strictly Come Dancing star Bruno Tonioli told the PM to hang on while TV Presenter Nick Knowles wrote: "Don’t tweet vile stuff wishing Boris ill – it says more about you than his politics."

Gary Lineker

Gary Lineker said that he found news of the British PM's illness  "shocking" and wrote: "Hope he pulls through."

Hollywood star Mia Farrow also signalled her support for the Tory leader. "Prayers up for Boris Johnson and everyone now fighting Covid-19."

"Oh dear this is bad news," wrote Apprentice guru Alan Sugar. "Hope he gets well soon."

Once again, it was a case of sympathy coming before politics. In 2019, Sugar had declared that Brexit made the UK a "laughing stock"  and he was "sick and tired of it."

Asked if he would invite Johnson on to The Apprentice, he quipped: "It depends if he gets out on remand. You know what the BBC are like - they don't like criminals on their programmes."

Sugar's remark came after the Supreme Court had ruled Prime Minister Boris Johnson had acted "unlawfully" by proroguing parliament for five weeks in September 2019.