Ryan Tubridy returned to his RTÉ Radio 1 show on Tuesday, telling listeners he was "very, very fortunate" with his experience of Covid-19.

Reflecting on "a strange time", the "very grateful man" said it had been "a humbling experience".

He thanked "the team, both home and away", guest presenter Oliver Callan who stood in for him, and the public for their help and kindness over the past two weeks as he self-isolated.

"I got the thing, and I was very, very fortunate," he said. "Very, very fortunate.

"It wasn't a particularly lovely thing to experience, but I was very fortunate in the sense that I had this persistent cough. I got it checked out, the test came back positive and that's all that happened.

"In my case, nothing else happened. I didn't have a fever. I didn't take as much as a pill - I had paracetamol. It was that low level and almost negligible amount of the virus."

The presenter said he now felt "on top of the world" and "very happy to be here".

"You think about people who you love and loved," he continued. "You think about how grateful you are for the great things that happen in your life."

He paid tribute to people's resilience and urged listeners to stay at home for Easter.

"There's fierce goodness about the place and a wonderful sense of commitment and patriotism out there," he said. "And I suppose the key is to overcome all these difficulties, which we will do together. It requires a lot of kindness and a lot of patience and a lot of optimism.

"We are going to be facing into a time now, I think, where it is going to require an extra push.

"It's one Easter. Can't you do it for one Easter? Just stay where you are."