The Script have announced that they will play a free concert for frontline and primary care health workers at Dublin's 3Arena next February.

The show to honour those working with the HSE in the Republic and the NHS in Northern Ireland will take place on Tuesday, February 9, 2021 at the 3Arena.

In a statement, The Script said: "We've always been huge supporters of those working on the frontline of our healthcare. They make sacrifices day in and day out, working harder than anyone.

"Not only to make sure we have access to resources in order for us to continue to live happy and healthy lives, but to also help us and our loved ones through some of the hardest points in our lives.

"The very least for us to do in order to give back to their amazing sacrifices during this pandemic is getting to put on a free show for 13,000 HSE and NHS staff at the 3Arena in Dublin.

"We can't thank them enough for their continued service to everyone, much more now than ever."

Tickets, limited to two per person (HSE/NHS staff/primary care workers and one guest) will be available online only on Tuesday,  April 7 from 7:00pm. They must be applied for by the eligible frontline or primary care worker.

They must bring their valid staff ID to the show and it will need to match the name of the person who made the original ticket booking. Ticket holders' guests will need to enter the 3Arena with them at the same time on the night.

Click here to apply for free tickets