RTÉ has announced additional matinee movie slots to the weekend TV schedule starting from tomorrow.

Kicking off the new film slot on Saturday, April 4, on RTÉ One is the World War II classic Battle of Britain starring Michael Caine, followed by adventurous sixties drama Mutiny on the Bounty on Sunday, April 5.

Viewers are set for an Easter treat with several classic films running on RTÉ One across the weekend. 

Starting with a drama comedy War of the Buttons on Saturday, April 11.

Drama adventure War of the Buttons about rival gangs of Irish kids is a sheer classic

Scheduled for Easter Sunday is the Oscar Award-winning war classic Casablanca, followed by Easter Parade starring Judy Garland.

Casablanca will bring back fond memories for viewers

Easter Monday will show another Oscar Award-winning film Calamity Jane starring the legendary Doris Day.

Calamity Jane starring the wonderful Doris Day

Other fond favourites like Mrs. Doubtfire, Zookeepers Wife, Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility, Only You Jewel in the Nile, Spartacus and The Vikings, are sure to keep viewers glued to the screen.

Spartacus - an epic historical drama

Over the coming weeks, RTÉ will bring a wealth of other classics to Irish screens including Doctor Zhivago, Oliver!, Earthquake, North by Northwest, Grumpier Old Men, 633 Squadron, Force 10 From Navarone, The Man Who Would be King, Towering Inferno and Magnificent Seven.

The Man Who Would Be King is an adventure movie not to be missed

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