TV presenter Phillip Schofield has admitted that he was celebrating a "weird" birthday that was "lacking in hugs" as a result of the current Covid-19 pandemic.

The TV star marked his 58th birthday at the start of ITV's This Morning as the words "Happy Birthday Phillip!" were included in the opening credits and the Stevie Wonder song Happy Birthday played at the start of the show.

Schofield's co-host, Holly Willoughby, said: "First on the agenda, happy birthday Phil."

Referring to the caterpillar cake on the desk in between them, she said: "Obviously the shops are shut so we are limited with what we can get, however I do think you have the best birthday cake in the world.

"It's a bit sad that you can't have candles, because you can't blow on it," she added, before suggesting that instead he should "pick it up and eat it like a Swiss roll".

Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield

Schofield said: "It's a weird birthday, lacking in hugs, but I had a lovely Zoom with friends."

He said he had enjoyed a birthday chat with friends including Christine Bleakley, Bradley Walsh, Davina McCall, Emma Bunton and Leigh Francis. "Next year's will be a lot better," he added.

Willoughby said it would be the first episode of the show without any guests in the studio, as all of the show's interviewees were appearing remotely.

Schofield expressed disappointment that his favourite Chinese food was being prepared on the show, adding: "And I can't even smell it!"