In need of a laugh today? We've rounded up some of the best laugh-out-loud moments from everyone's favourite Friends. From Smelly Cat to Ross' leather pants.

It was hard to choose just 10!

1. The one where Joey and Chandler win Monica and Rachel's Apartment
Joey and Chandler and Monica and Rachel take part in a quiz to prove which pair of roommates know each other better. In the end, it's the girls’ failure to remember what Chandler does for a living that sees them lose the contest and have to give up their apartment. 

2. The one with Ross' sandwich 
There's nothing worse than getting a massive hunger pang and running to the fridge only to find out your beloved and precious sandwich has gone missing. We feel your pain, Ross!

3. The one with the Smelly Cat video
Smelly Cat first appeared in the second season episode The One With The Baby On The Bus when Pheobe mentions the song in a conversation with Rachel and it became one of the greatest moments from the long-running series. All together now "Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat...what are they feeding you? Smelly Cat, Smelly's not your fault."

4. The one with Ross's leather pants 
Ross's New Year resolution is to do something new every day, so first up he decides to buy a pair of leather pants. He decides to wear them on a date and let's just say he gets himself into a rather sticky situation!

5. The one where Joey finds out about Monica and Chandler 
Joey was the first to figure out that Monica and Chandler were dating, which made for some seriously funny storylines, like when Joey had to pretend to be a huge creep to help the couple keep their cover.

6. The one with the Prom video
In this clip not only do we get to see Ross with an impressive moustache and vintage hair, but it also reminds us why Ross and Rachel stole our hearts. Possibly the best TV couple ever...

7. The one with the sofa 
One word - PIVOT!

8. The one where Joey wears all of Chandler's clothes 
After a squabble, Chandler steals all of Joey underwear, in retaliation Joey puts on all of Chandler's clothes - while going commando! All this plays out while Ross is up to ninety trying to get his friends out the door to an event.

9. The one where Ross gets a spray tan
After a series of mishaps in the tanning booth, Ross ends up four shades darker than he intended, a disaster for Mr Geller, comedy gold for us! 

10. The one when Monica reveals what happened at the beach
After a nasty jellyfish bite, Monica reveals how Joey and Chandler helped her...

Could they BE any funnier?!

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