Robbie Williams has admitted he made Bono and George Michael listen to him sing a cappella in a bathroom back in the 1990s during a house party.

The former Take That star recalled how he serenaded the famous pop stars with three songs from his debut solo album, Life Thru A Lens.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper Williams said: "Let's just say I was feeling supercharged and very confident. Let's just put it at that. I'm at a house party and I grab Bono and George Michael and take them into the bathroom... 

"This is not going where you think it is! I sit them down in this very large bathroom and I make them listen - a cappella - to me singing three of my songs from [debut solo album] Life Thru A Lens.

"I sang them Old Before I Die and Ego A Go Go and something else. Can you imagine? Bless them for being so nice.

"They were just stuck with a lunatic. Sorry Bono. Sorry George.''

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