As he continues his cocooning away from the danger of Covid-19, Fair City star Jim Bartley has told RTÉ One's Claire Byrne Live: "This is a war, and we need to behave like it is a war."

The Carrigstown stalwart joined the Covid-19 discussion from the safety of his home on Monday night, telling the show that he and his wife Helen are "coping very well" with the restrictions.

He said he was "quite willing to put up with it" because "there are an awful lot of people worse off than we are".

"If this is cocooning, then I'm quite happy." He added.

When asked if he felt that most people are obeying the new rules, Bartley replied: "I think most of us are getting on with it and we understand that there's something out there that's going to kill you, kill me and if we're irresponsible we could be...

"If this was a war - we'll call it a war - and in a war you have got to sacrifice certain things and you've got to obey certain rules, otherwise you could be shot for treason! And this is a war, and we need to behave like it is a war."