Ronan Keating has rewritten his hit song When You Say Nothing At All to emphasise the importance of physical distancing and hygiene during the coronavirus pandemic, with an accompanying video featuring his pregnant wife Storm at an appropriate distance.

In the video, which sees Keating sing, "You do it best, when you touch nothing at all" and features a range of other lyric changes, the singer is seen sitting on a bench, reminiscent of the original music video.

The video then pans to see his wife Storm, who is expecting their next child imminently, sitting far away from him, to show the importance of keeping at least 2 metres between you and another person in a bid to stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Keating uploaded the video to Instagram with the caption, "A virtual hug to ya all. Nothing at all Covid19 style.

"Spent the afternoon shooting this for all the @nhswebsite and key workers globally fighting the virus. Thank you god bless ya all."

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