Bond star Olga Kurylenko has taken to social media to explain why she shared her Covid-19 diagnosis, saying she wanted to help others feel less afraid.

In an Instagram post, Kurylenko wrote: "Some people ask why I post about my illness. It's a very good question and I will give you a thorough answer. 

"When I got my first symptoms and then it rapidly escalated and I got worse, the last thing I was thinking about was posting anything or telling anyone about my illness. Quite frankly I mostly slept so I wasn’t really functioning for several days.

"By the time I got my test results (that took a couple of days) I had been ill for a while. Then some friends told me I should post. I thought about it but I wasn’t sure. Then after weighing pros and cons I decided to post because I realised that the whole world was scared of this.

"People were panicking. My friends were asking me all sorts of questions and asked for advice. I thought: if I was ill or afraid of getting ill I would want to hear a story of someone who really had it. That’s when I finally decided to share my story. I’m just trying to help in my very small way."

Other actors to share their Covid-19 stories include Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson and Luther star Idris Elba.