RTÉ Entertainment took a look at Day One on the new steaming site Disney+ and it's certainly no Mickey Mouse affair.

Oh, and one thing. Comparing Disney+ to Netflix is just daft. Do you know anyone who watches Ozark who’s going to switch to watching Avatar or Frozen? Of course not. The services are more complimentary than directly competitive.

What Disney+ offers that’s unique is a back catalogue that’s almost incomparable. The newer stuff’s pretty good too, going from a few hours spent rooting around on Day One.

First up for a look-see was the much-hyped The Mandalorian. The Star Wars spin-off has been the biggest hit so far for the streaming service since its launch last year in the US.

It’s the story of a lone helmeted gunfighter - played by Pedro Pascal - in the outer reaches of the galaxy. It’s standard Stars Wars fare with its look, style, and storyline, so fans will lap it up.

It’s quite clever too in terms of hitting a few age groups, as older Star Wars disciples will enjoy its conformity to the franchise, while young viewers are sure to get into the cute (so far!) Baby Yoda, officially known as The Child.

The pint-sized green, big-eared creature has become a viral hit since the series landed in the USA and there’s every likelihood the phenomenon will spread across Ireland and the rest of Europe.

In terms of navigation, the Disney+ site will look very familiar to anyone accustomed to using Netflix or Sky. The films and show are arranged in similar clusters and it's really easy to get around.

Parents will be pleased that there’s age appropriate info on the various shows and films, and once you’re viewing a show, there are skip recap and skip titles options which are good for binge-watching.

Your average four-year-old will know the site backwards before the sun goes down on its first day of viewing. But it’s always going to sink or swim on the quality of its content, and there’s just loads there already.

"I guess I’m always on the outlook for the unexpected," says Jeff Goldblum, everyone’s favourite quirky actor who plays a little jazz, and gave the original Jurassic Park movie a necessary sprinkling of cool cynicism.

And," he adds at the introduction of his The World According to Jeff Goldblum series, "sometimes when you explore the ordinary, sometimes you just might discover the extraordinary."

First up for a Goldblum once-over: sneakers. Or runners, as we used to call them.

From Charles Goodyear to Adi Dassler and beyond, he explores the history, commercial, sporting and aesthetic values that have built up around a world-wide industry that is worth billions.

Just like the footwear he explored in this opening episode, The World According to Jeff Goldblum could run and run. Next up? Ice cream!

Elsewhere there are classic Disney films including Mary Poppins, The Love Bug and even the originally non-Disney The Sound of Music, as well as early Tom Hanks movies such as Splash!

The big names are there too: Avatar, Frozen, Toy Story. All 600 episodes of The Simpsons.

Lots of other good stuff, including two of my favourite comic book-related TV shows of recent years, Agent Carter and Agents of SHIELD.

We may be stuck at home for some time, but we are no longer in danger of being bored.