Emily Blunt has said she is now "much more selective" about the roles she chooses as she is more aware of what she is "putting out into the world".

The 37-year-old star said she tends not to be attracted to roles that are violent or cold.

"To be honest, I'm more aware of what I'm putting out into the world now," she told OK! magazine.

"I don't necessarily warm to certain roles or certain projects if they are defiantly violent or defiantly cold.

"I've become so much more selective about when I work, what it is and who it's with."

Blunt also revealed that she found it very emotional to take on the role of Evelyn in A Quiet Place as it tapped into her own "deepest fears as a mother."

"As soon as you have your children, it feels like you are preparing them to eventually be without you," Blunt explained.

"That's very deep theme that resonates with people. It certainly did with me - especially the idea of how far you'd go for your children.

"I was intimidated by the idea of playing a character who experiences my own deepest fears as a mother, the fear of not being able to protect my children.''

A Quiet Place 2's release date has been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. For the latest coronavirus stories and information, click here.