A cover version of John Lennon’s Imagine sung by celebrities such as Gal Gadot, Mark Ruffalo and Natalie Portman has been deemed less than fab after it was posted online to raise spirits during the Covid-19 breakout. 

Wonder Woman actress Gadot, who is in "day six of quarantine", was behind the musical morale booster, which also features Will Farrell, Jamie Dornan, who all filmed their contributions remotely.

IMAGINE: These 25 celebrities in isolation sang "Imagine" by John Lennon to create this moving montage ❤️ https://t.co/5lmEzTXhdr pic.twitter.com/dl5AbreI27

— CBS News (@CBSNews) March 19, 2020

However, their efforts have been met with a very mixed reaction, with some people slamming the cover of Lennon’s already divisive 1971 song.

Bono of U2 has also released a new song, which he dedicated to "the Italians who inspired it, the Irish, the doctors and the nurses on the front line."