Fr. Ray Kelly left Dancing with the Stars on Sunday night, after reaching the quarter final of the show's current run.

He and his dance partner Kylee Vincent found themselves in the bottom two after a dance-off for which they took a Fr.Ted theme and were chosen by the judges to leave the competition.

Fr. Ray said: "I'm really emotional. It was marvellous. It was one of the best journeys of my life. It's been one of those journeys that I will treasure for the rest of my life. Kylee is an absolute saint, an amazing lady. She brought me a long way in dancing and I hope we remain friends."

After Fr. Ray danced on the show, judge Brian Redmond joked, "Mrs Doyle was telling you to go on, go on, go on and I wish you would have gone ages ago!

"Loraine said he tried every week and 'God loves a trier' while Darren felt he 'entertained the nation week after week.'

Fr. Ray scored 15 points tonight from the judges for his individual dance. 

That's mad! Fr. Ray and Kylee go full Fr.Ted

Earlier on the show, the couples who made it through to next week's episode also tripped the light fantastic.

Singer Fr. Ray and Kylee became Fr. Ted and Mrs Doyle as they danced the American Smooth. 

They danced to Songs of Love from Father Ted - and Kylee even had her own tea trolley. Fr. Ray’s own housekeeper Mrs. Coyle was supporting him in the audience all this week.

Fr. Ray commented: "I’m having great fun and really enjoying it. Mrs Coyle (his housekeeper) is here tonight! My Lovely Horse is a great song. I never thought I would make it to the quarter final - it’s amazing".

Judge Loraine said: "I think Kylee has accepted that things are going to go wrong. Kylee works to your strengths and creates camouflage. For me here you try every week and God loves a trier!"

Darren added: "Fr Ray, every week you have come out and entertained the nation - tales of the unexpected. Who would have thought 10 weeks ago we would have a priest dancing to Fr Ted on national TV. It wasn’t half bad American Smooth when it could have been an American nightmare!"

Ain’t no muppets here!

This week Fair City actor Ryan Andrews and Giulia Dotta danced a Charleston to The Muppets theme.  Speaking afterwards Ryan said: "I’m a big fan of the Muppets and Giuluia did an incredible job. It was a really hard dance and we put everything into it and it really paid off. It was made all the worthwhile to get those comments".

Brian said: "I would pay to watch that - all day long. For me that Charleston was beyond criticism - it was perfect."

Loraine said: "It went beyond the next level and it went beyond anything I’ve ever seen on Dancing with the Stars. I’m going to pay homage to the king and queen of Charleston!"

Darren said: "It was all about the detail, there wasn’t a beat not choreographed, not a step out of place. Giulia was the puppet master of that dance. You would have to be a muppet nut to like that dance!"

Ryan scored 30 from the judges.

Gráinne goes Wonder Woman!

Model Gráinne Gallanagh and her pro-partner Kai Widdrington were ready to bounce back from last week’s dance-off as they danced a samba this week. 

She began by spinning around to reveal herself as Wonder Woman as they began dancing to the theme of the show.

After their performance Gráinne said: "Amazing that I’m wonder woman on International Women’s day. I was terrified, my hands are still shaking this week I struggled and I’m glad it’s done. My confidence was knocked a bit."

Brian said: "If I’m totally truthful about it, your Samba lacked bounce, hope you conserved energy for the marathon dance later, I think you need that bonus point."

Loraine said: "This is the way to open the show on International Women’s day! You definitely got into character there and you didn’t leave anything out. For me, it was little bit missing in timing. But still a great start.

Darren said: "The content of the routine was full samba, but I had a feeling you didn’t really enjoy it, you needed to channel your inner Beyoncé.

He added, "Take that rhythm and fake it until you make it. You’re always a wonder to watch but it was missing a little bit of comic fun."

Gráinne scored 22 from the judges.

Lottie's mission - if she chose to accept it . . .

After a break, radio presenter Lottie Ryan and Pasquale La Rocca danced the Paso Doble to the Mission Impossible theme.

When they finished, Lottie said: "Last week was very fun and flirty and this week it had to be very serious and passionate. I had to be a different character. Nobody wants to be in the dance-off no matter how much you prepare yourself to be in the dance off your stomach turns upside down."

Brian said: "Every week you bring so much energy, what you’ve shown tonight was refinement with your energy. You knew when to use it but also when to contain and control it. Very strong Paso, you’re getting very, very close to getting to the top."

Loraine said: "We have another take on the Paso Doble. It was dark and shady. You were two secret agents but had each other’s backs. The daring moves were in there.

"The beginning you had this gorgeous movement of the arms. Overall, I felt it was a very demanding performance on the body and demanding a high score."

Darren said: "It was a very technical Paso Doble. There was no self-destruct here. Delivered punch through every movement. Great characterization within a very contemporary piece of music. For me, it wasn’t Mission Impossible - it was mission accomplished."

Lottie scored 28 from the judges.

Kilkenny cats strike back!

The final celebrity dancer on Sunday night was former Kilkenny hurler Aidan Fogarty with his dance partner Emily Barker. 

Their American Smooth was to the Top Cat theme - and Emily became an honorary cat and received the black and amber jersey.

Afterwards Aidan said: "It was great to be a cat again representing the Kilkenny cats! I have had huge support from the Kilkenny players. Normally we’re taking lumps out of each other, but Jackie Tyrell and Michael Rice are here to support me tonight."

Brian said: "Beautiful frame and huge movement across the floor. When you’re in hold, you’re so sophisticated. Everything we dream of when we see ballroom. You could become one of the leaders of the pack!"

Loraine said: "For me you look so comfortable in dancing position. Your fluidity in close hold is unbelievable. Your open work was great, but I’d like a little more ballroom content. It wasn’t tip top, but cats have nine lives and I think you will live another day."

Darren said: "Top Cat was one of my favourite shows and it was again tonight. Last week I said you were back in the game and tonight you’re back in the ballroom. The movement was beautiful and so, so easy to watch."

Aidan scored 25 from the judges.

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