TV presenter Paddy McGuinness has said that he turned down a major role in Coronation Street because he feared he would be typecast.

The Phoenix Nights star and former host of dating show Take Me Out, who currently presents Top Gearsaid he was afraid he would end up stuck on the soap, adding that he didn't regret his decision.

Speaking to UK tabloid the Daily Star Sunday, he said: "I was offered Coronation Street about 10 or 15 years ago.

"It was a big part and a character that was in it for a long, long time - I won't say which one. At the time I thought, 'That's a steady job and everyone knows it.'

"But my agent said, "Don't do it,`because that would be it'.

"Back in those days it was really difficult to get a job outside of soaps. I've got to say that's one of the best bits of advice I've ever had because I'm sitting here now talking to you and everything's nice."

However, McGuinness did accept a week-long stint on the show as Dougie Ryan, a survivalist who met the Tinker and Dobbs families on a camping holiday, in 2015.

"A couple of years back. I sat down with someone at ITV and said, 'If I can develop the character and have a hand in writing it, I'll do it,' he said.

"We agreed on a character called Dougie. He was in it for a week. I liked that because I could have fun with it."

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