Irish actor Jack Gleeson is set to star in a new BBC comedy six years after his last television appearance as King Joffrey on Game of Thrones.

The 27-year-old Cork-born actor will appear opposite Sara Pascoe in six-part BBC Two series Out of Her Mind.

Pascoe wrote the series and it is executive produced by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

The cast also includes Riviera's Juliet Stevenson, The Split's Fiona Button, Doctor Foster's Navin Chowdhry, Peep Show's Cariad Lloyd and rapper Scroobius Pip.

Speaking about the new show, Pascoe said: "Out Of Her Mind is a direct expression of my mind. We've turned my brain into a theme-park, and everyone's invited! The cast are INCREDIBLE and I can't wait for people to see what we've made."

The show is described as "exploring heartbreak, family and how to survive them. The series subverts the traditional sitcom format by combining eccentric characters, animation, and scientific explanation."

Gleeson, who had early roles in Reign of Fire (2002) and Batman Begins (2005), had previously hinted he had retired from acting after his acclaimed performance in Game of Thrones as he had "stopped enjoying it as much as [he] used to".

Gleeson as King Joffrey: a very naughty boy 

However, Gleeson has been active on stage as a founding member of the Collapsing Horse theatre company and has appeared in many of their productions.

In 2019, he made two public appearances. In June, he was featured in the musical-comedy show AMUSICAL at the Kilkenny Cat Laughs comedy festival in Kilkenny, with comedians Eleanor Tiernan and Alison Spittle.

In August, he made a surprise appearance at Over the Top Wrestling's Trinity Brawl 2 event in Dublin opposite Irish wrestler J Money.

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