RTÉ is looking for participants to take part in a new TV documentary that will give an insight into the Irish pursuit of romance, later in life.

Life can take many turns and with experience we come to have a better understanding of ourselves and what we look for in a partner. As work and family pressures calm down, perhaps there is more time and space to focus on love?

This uplifting documentary is looking for people, over 65, with experiences of love in 21st century Ireland.

Perhaps you are currently looking to meet someone, maybe you have the ultimate love story to share. The documentary team would like to talk to people who are actively looking for love or already in love.

If it's not yourself, perhaps you know a friend or family member who would be the perfect person to tell their story of love, later in life.

If this has sparked your interest please get in touch with: Clare.McQuaid@rte.ie / 01 208 3177.

Include a bit about yourself or your friend, including a name, age and some of the story. Pictures are welcome too.