Get ready for romance, roses and, of course, drama, as America's beloved dating series The Bachelor comes to RTÉ Player

26-year-old bachelor Colton Underwood is looking for love, along with 25 women, including a pageant star who calls herself the "hot-mess express", a deceptively bubbly spitfire who is hiding a dark family secret, a California beach blonde who has never been kissed, and a sassy phlebotomist who draws blood for a living.

Once they enter the mansion, all bets are off and the race to find love is on, as Colton is swept away by a group of very assertive woman, and he is surprised at how much chemistry he instantly feels.

This season, romantic excursions will take Colton and the women to spectacular places around the globe, including Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Portugal, and even to Colton's hometown of Denver, Colorado.

Will Colton open his heart and find the woman of his dreams, who will love him back?

Watch the entire box set now on RTÉ Player to find out!