Here's what viewers have been saying about Love Island winter - day two.

Shaughna is great craic

Shaughna talks about the challenge of being on your guard on Love Island.

Fans were a bit dubious about Police Officer Mike after he declared his feelings for Leanne

Then there was the "where's my breakfast" moment?

What people said about the twins:

All the girls seem so nice. I'm just waiting for the claws to come out #LoveIsland

— Ali Brown (@AliCatt1995) January 13, 2020

If these twins keep playing with their hair so much they're not going to have any left #loveisland

— Scotty (@Sc0ttWells) January 13, 2020

What kinda drama between the twins #LoveIsland

— 🦄 GOODFORMHOTGIRL 🔥 (@BossBarb) January 13, 2020

The reaction to when the twins stole Mike Boateng and Callum Jones from Leanne Amaning and Shaunagh Phillips