When it comes to delving into the lives of celebrities and pop royalty, social media never ceases to amaze us. From TMI tweets to FOMO-inducing Insta posts, we've rounded up some of the most sassy and downright gas posts of 2019.

Too Close to Home

Macaulay Culkin won over the internet with his hilarious tweet teasing what Home Alone would be like if it was made now. The former child star, who will turn 40 next year, responded to Disney's plans to reboot the popular 1990 Christmas classic by posting an amusing picture of himself in his pants with a plate of food and the caption: "This is what an updated Home Alone would actually look like". 

Someone We Love

Lewis Capaldi is the king of LOLs and in 2019 he gave us lots of memorable posts to laugh about. But it was his feud with Oasis' Noel Gallagher that was the gift that just kept on giving.

The singers took their bickering to new heights after Gallagher called the Scottish singer-songwriter "f***ing Chewbacca" when addressing Capaldi's statement that "being slagged off by a man who is old enough to be my Da" was his "dreams coming true".

Capaldi responded by changing his name on Twitter to 'Chewis Capaldi', complete with a new profile picture to go along with it.....and Twitter officially went into meltdown.


Mike Tyson gave social media users a comedy knockout by making a meme out of himself in an epic Twitter 'egg tattoo' post. The former two-time heavyweight king parodied himself online by comparing his own head to an egg. Tyson posted a meme in which he was imitated by an egg with his famous tribal face tattoo painted on, alongside the caption: "Stop sending me this s***." The post was a reference to an internet joke in which various random users photo shopped fake tweets from celebrities alongside their lookalikes with the same caption. He really is a good sport!

Keeping up with Kylie

Self-made billionaire Kylie Jenner put her money where her mouth is and hit out at baseball ace Alex Rodriguez. The sportsman told Sports Illustrated about his and fiancée Jennifer Lopez's table at this year's Met Gala in May, saying, "We had a great table. We had Kylie [Jenner] and Kendall [Jenner]. Kylie was talking about Instagram and her lipstick, and how rich she is."

The 21-year-old makeup mogul clapped back at Rodriguez and denied bragging to to him about how rich she is. The drama unfolded for everyone to see on Twitter. It didn't take long for Rodriguez to backtrack on his post.

Mic Drop

Shawn Mendes poked fun at himself by responding to this video of him dropping his girlfriend Camila Cabello while working on their Señorita music video. The dance rehearsal between the singers seems to be going well - until one sequence goes off key. Instead of catching Cabello gracefully, Mendes' hand slips, and she hits the floor. Lucky for Mendes, the former Fifth Harmony member laughs it off in style.

Mariah - time is an abstract

We love a bit of Mariah around here. She doesn't "do" stairs, she’s made one of the best comebacks in recent pop history, and (yay!) All I Want for Christmas finally hit the top spot in America last week. So quelle surprise - as Mariah might say herself - when she took on 2019’s most brain-numbing example of Twitter click bait, the "ten-year challenge. Stairs? Whatever - it appears that the diva’s diva doesn’t even acknowledge the space-time continuum. What a total ledge-bag!

Princess Bride remake - what????

In a world already clogged with risk-adverse Hollywood remakes and Marvel yawn fests, we doff our caps to actor Gary Elwes for his dignified response to the rumour that a Princess Bride remake was being considered. Elwes, who played the dashing Westley in the 1987 comedy adventure classic, kept it classy in a tweet that we hope film producers and investors will pay close attention to.

Richard E Grant's luvvie-in

"I love your work!" "No, I love your work!" Normally we don’t have time for celeb luvvie-ins but Richard E Grant is a hero of ours (he was Withnail & I and he’s also deadly in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker) so even our jaded hearts were warmed by this little interaction between Richard and some lesser mortal of the acting fraternity. To be fair, your man Krasinski seems ok too.

Lizzo and Cookie Monster take the biscuit

In which woman of the year Lizzo gets down to the really important stuff with our favourite Sesame Street Character. The breakthrough artist of 2019 traded biscuit-related joy and we only hope that a duet is on the cards.  

Sinead O'Connor sends out an important Christmas warning

Sinead O’Connor had quite a 2019. She made her live comeback and wowed audiences all over the world but she capped the year with a well-timed seasonal caution when she retweeted this sage (and stuffing) advice . . .