Taylor Swift took aim at "toxic male privilege" as she accepted the first-ever Woman of the Decade Award at Billboard's annual Women In Music Event in Los Angeles on Thursday. 

The 30-year-old singer-songwriter also addressed her public spat with music executive Scooter Braun during the acceptance speech.

Swift said: "Lately there's been a new shift that has affected me personally, and as your resident loud person, I feel like I need to bring it up. And that’s the unregulated world of private equity coming in and buying up our music as if it's real estate, or an app, or a shoe line.

"This happened to me without my approval, consultation or consent," she said, referring to the recent purchase of her back catalog by former Big Machine label head Scott Borchetta and his new partner Scooter Braun. 

"Yet to this day, none of these investors have bothered to contact me or my team directly to perform their due diligence on their investment.

"On their investment in me, to ask how I might feel about the new owner of my art. The music I wrote. The videos I created. Photos of me, my handwriting, my album designs."

"And of course, Scooter never contacted me or my team to discuss it prior to the sale or even when it was announced."

Swift also spoke out against his supporters, saying: "I'm fairly certain he knew exactly how I would feel about it, though, and let me just say that the definition of toxic male privilege in our industry is people saying 'but he’s always been nice to me' when I’m raising valid concerns about artists and their right to own their music.

"And of course he’s nice to you - if you’re in this room, you have something he needs."

The music star said the "Swift backlash" was ignited after her second album Fearless won a Grammy for Album of the Year and Best Country Album in 2010.

She said: "All of a sudden they weren't sure if I was the one writing the songs, because sometimes I had co-writers in the room. This is what happens to a woman in music if she achieves success beyond people's comfort level.

"Have you ever heard someone say about a male artist, 'I really like his songs, but there's something about him I don't like'? No, that criticism is reserved for us."

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