This Morning co-hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby have denied rumours of a rift between them.

It recently had been alleged that the relationship between the popular TV presenters had become strained.

Speaking to the BBC at the launch of ITV's Dancing on Ice 2020, Schofield said anyone who thought they had fallen out "was mistaken".

When asked by Newsbeat if there was any truth in the reports that they were sick of each other, he said: "We have such a laugh.

"We're best mates, she's like the sister I never had. I just adore working with her, she's just perfect."

Meanwhile, Willoughby pointed out that it would be "impossible" to do their job "without getting along" and said they were "very lucky".

She said: "You couldn't do the amount of hours of TV that we do with each other without getting on."

The TV presenter added that when they take a break from filming in the summer, they "still go on holiday together. You'd think we'd be sick of each other".

They have presented This Morning together for 10 years and also co-host Dancing On Ice.

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