Lena Dunham has opened up on her love for Wales since moving to the country earlier this year, but admits that dating in the UK is "a roughie" since she made the decision to go sober.

The Girls star and creator speaks about moving to "beautiful, welcoming, joyful" Wales to recover from "a broken heart" in an interview set to air on The Jonathan Ross Show on Saturday night.

She says she barely gets recognised in Wales, explaining: "I just look like any Welsh lady walking around with nine hairless pets. When people did realise it was me, they definitely seemed confounded."

The 33-year-old star goes on to admit that she's finding it "challenging" to go on dates since she stopped drinking alcohol.

She says: "Here's the thing that I'm finding about dating here. I love being in England, love the culture, love the people.

"I'm sober, it's a choice, and I would say sober dating in the UK is a roughie.

"It was easy to find guys when I would drink because I would drink a lot, go over to their house, throw up and then they would have to let me stay.

"But in Wales when I was being a polite woman of dignity and grace, much more challenging.

"If anyone in the audience knows of a nice, sober, respectable but a little bit freaky man who would like to take me to dinner, I'm open."

The Jonathan Ross Show is on ITV at 10.25pm on Saturday, December 7 and on Virgin Media Two at 11pm on Sunday, December 8.

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