Nish Kumar, host of the BBC satirical show The Mash Report, had bread thrown at him and was booed off stage after making a joke about Brexit at a charity cricket lunch in London on Monday.

The Press Association reports that Kumar was performing for free at the Lord's Taverners annual event held at London's Grosvenor House hotel, which raises money for the youth cricket and disability sports charity.

In video footage of the event shared online, he said: "I think it's to my credit I've managed to make it 10 minutes here. You are the only audience in my entire 13-year history of performing that have actually thrown something at me."

He added: "It is dangerous to perform for a group of people largely descended from people who colonised my ancestors."

Later in the video, a member of the crowd, who paid upward of £149 a ticket, can be heard shouting: "We don't do politics."

Kumar later says: "I did think it would be nice to come here and perform for some people who have a different political outlook than me."

After the video emerged online, he tweeted: "In my defence, it was only one bread roll and it missed me."

He also clarified the event was not a corporate gig, saying: "It was an unpaid charity. I had bread thrown at me doing an unpaid charity gig. What a life."

BBC Radio 1 DJ Greg James condemned the treatment of Kumar at the event, saying: "Because I'm seeing some inaccurate press reports, I'd just like to say that the treatment of @MrNishKumar by some members of the crowd at the @LordsTaverners fundraising Christmas lunch yesterday was appalling.

"It's a charity I was proud to be an ambassador of and the work they do with disadvantaged young people is extraordinary.

"But yesterday served as a timely reminder that disagreeing with someone doesn't mean you have the right to abuse them verbally or physically. I was devastated for Nish (who gave his time for free).

"I was embarrassed to be there. On an afternoon that was supposed to be about kindness, there was a distinct lack of it in the room."

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