Elizabeth Banks told RTÉ Entertainment that she wrote Kristen Stewart's Charlie's Angels role with her in mind as she "knew I could write her this wild, open character."

Banks, who wrote, directed and stars in Charlie's Angels, had a clear vision in mind when it came to casting the three lead roles, with Stewart an early pick.

"I always wanted Kristen, I wrote Sabina with her in mind, she signed on really early to play this kind of character and really wanted to be fun and funny, which she is in the movie in spades," Banks said.

"I sort of knew she was game, we had meetings really early on, like a year and half before we had a finished script so I knew, and also from knowing her a little bit, I knew I could write her this wild, open character who is like a puppy dog but somebody who is hard charging and will do anything."

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Stewart is joined by Aladdin star Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska as the new Angels, and Banks handpicked them to round out the trip.

"Naomi, I had worked with before, and I just wanted someone really relatable with a really big heart that girls could see themselves in her because one of the messages is that anybody can be an Angel," she explained.

"Then I also wanted somebody who was a bonifide action star and when you look around at the young women in Hollywood, we're just not making enough of these kinds of movies to sort of grow action stars so we decided this was an opportunity to introduce the world to someone like Ella Balinska."

We also spoke to Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska:

Charlie's Angels is in cinemas now.

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