Coronation Street actress Kerri Quinn has spoken about Vicky Jefferies's devastating discovery that Robert Preston (Tristan Gemmill) has been leading a double life, saying "her whole world crumbles."

Vicky's world will be turned upside down following Robert's car crash, which leads to Vicky and Michelle Connor (Kym Marsh) learning the truth about him.

Speaking about the drama ahead, Quinn said: "I think in that moment her whole world crumbles.

"She has said many times about raising Tyler alone and the difficulties she faced and all of a sudden this perfect little world with Robert has been ripped from under her. She is beyond devastated.

"I believe Vicky felt this was the real deal. Robert is a good man in her eyes, she has had no reason to doubt him or believe he’s capable her hurting her to this extent. She feels abandoned yet again. It’s brutal."

"Brutal" times ahead for Vicky Jefferies

Despite Vicky's utter devastation, actress Quinn doesn't think she will let the situation get the better of her.

"I think Vicky is damaged but emotionally strong, she'll come back fighting", the soap star explained. "I think Robert or anyone would regret betraying Vicky."

Asked about the viewers' response to Vicky, Quinn said: "It has been a mixed bag. The danger with Vicky is that she came in to the show as a bit of a baddie so I am hoping this redeems her.

"It has been a tough mountain to climb but I've grown very fond of her and will continue to defend her. Some people have made their minds up from an early stage that they don’t like her but I’ve had some gorgeous comments about the role and the longevity of her on the street too."

The scenes revealing Robert's betrayal and Vicky's furious reaction will be aired next week.

Coronation Street airs on Virgin Media One and ITV on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

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