Irish actress Charlie Murphy has been revealed as one of the main stars of the upcoming live-action Halo TV series.

The former Love/Hate star, also well known for her roles in Peaky Blinders and Rebellion, will play a leading role in the 10-episode, live-action adaptation of the much-loved video game being made by American network Showtime.

Murphy confirmed her involvement on Instagram, posting a picture of the cast and writing: "So so excited to be apart of this!"

The Wexford native is set to play Makee, an orphan raised by the alien Covenant that harbours a hatred of humans.

Murphy won't be the only Irish member of the cast, as Catastrophe's Kate Kennedy will play a Spartan soldier, Kai-125.

Murphy played Siobhán Delaney in the RTÉ drama Love/Hate and Jessie Eden opposite Cillian Murphy in Peaky Blinders.

A release date for the Halo TV series has yet to be revealed.

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