Irish model and TV star Nadia Forde has said she only wanted to take part in the new RTÉ Player series My Best Sustainable Life, which looks at different ways we can change our lifestyles to help the planet, if it was "realistic for new mums".

The 30-year-old Dublin native, who is based in London with her husband, rugby player Dominic Day, and their 13-month-daughter Wyatt Riley, told RTÉ Entertainment about her decision to take part in the show.

"I thought I was quite in touch with the environment, I'm already vegan, so I thought it's definitely something I'd be interested in, but I also wanted it to be realistic", she said. 

"As a new mum your life is so hectic already. I said I'll try whatever, but it has to be realistic for new mums. It's already a huge undertaking being a mother, and if it's not going to work, then they're not going to do it."

The former I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! contestant said that taking part in the series has changed her approach to how she shops for herself and her family.

"I came away from the whole process, having looked at different areas during the filming, now I think before I do it, that's the change.

"I ordered a walker the other day to help Wyatt walk and I ordered a wooden one, I wouldn't have done that a few months ago.

"It is all about small changes that add up to a bigger, choices, it's making choices to benefit the future. If we all just make a small change that's a huge difference. That's what I took away from it."

She continued of her hopes for the show: "If it means that one mum goes 'do you know what, a Keep Cup for coffee is such an easy idea' then great, or 'I can buy sustainable clothing for my child, or buy from more sustainable brands', then good. 

"It's about creating awareness but also being realistic for mothers because it's such a massive job already, the last thing that I wanted to do was come in and be like 'no you have to do this'."

Some environmentally-friendly changes were easier to adopt for Forde than others.

"I live in one of the suburbs in London, so for me to take public transport was such an easy change. The reusable nappies I found really challenging, that was definitely tough. That was a drastic change", she said.

"The stuff I loved was vintage shopping and thrift shopping. That's something I've always done and I re-dipped into it for the show."

When asked for her top tips for new mums hoping to make more sustainable choices, Forde said: "What works for one mum doesn't necessarily work for another woman. Whatever works for you and your family is paramount. Never compare yourself because that is just not good, every child is different."

She said being more aware of every purchase is a good place to start.

"When you're looking to get something for you or your baby, to just think 'is there a way I can do this where I'm not buying plastic?', or 'does a family member already have a Moses basket I can use?', those kind of things.

"Sometimes those sentimental heirlooms are actually so much more special than the things you might have bought. I really believe that every child and every mum is different, and I'm so careful saying things because I know what it's like to be in that blur of a baby and overwhelmed already. 

"Just being a little bit more conscious in your choices I think is the best way, and making those changes."

As well as Forde, the four-part series also follows the 2 Johnnies, Lauren Guilfoyle, Thumper and Bonnie Ann Clyde, as they take on the commitment to change one aspect of their life to help the planet.

The full series of My Best Sustainable Life is now available on the RTÉ Player.