Singer-songwriter Tom Walker has told RTÉ Entertainment how he gets "really excited about Irish gigs" and says Irish crowds are "awesome".

The 27-year-old Glaswegian performer, who is set to play a sold-out gig in Dublin's Olympia Theatre on Tuesday (November 5), said he can't wait to play at the intimate venue for a second time.

"I supported George Ezra there about two and a half years ago and it was so, so sick. It was such a great night and a great gig," he said.

The Leave a Light On hit maker went on to praise Irish gig-goers for being "amazing" company and compared their vibe to that of concerts in his hometown. 

"The Irish crowds are so sick as well though - like they are awesome. I will not name any places but there was one English date that was a little bit boring, like Sunday church vibes type of thing.

"Ireland never disappoints. The crowd is always amazing and very similar to Scotland. I think people are just a bit more vocal and more rowdy," he laughed. "They like to dance and get into the songs."

"I get really excited about Irish gigs."

Walker recalled a hilarious moment when he played the Trinity Ball in 2018 and explained how he was left bemused, but entertained, when a mosh pit formed to one of his ballads.

"I played the Trinity Ball a couple of years ago and people were doing a mosh pit in the middle of one of my songs called Fly Away With Me which is such a soft song. I was like 'what is happening?'. 

Walker is gearing up to release a deluxe edition of his much-loved album, What a Time to be Alive, which features four brand new songs, the previously unreleased single version of Just You and I and the previously unreleased version of Leave a Light On.

"I'd basically done quite a bit of writing when I've been on tour this year. As we're not really touring next year and I'm not going to release a great deal of music, I thought I'd give a little bit extra to the fans who wanted a couple of new tracks," he explained.

In 2019 to date, Walker has amassed 1.5 billion streams worldwide and 7 million singles globally, along with winning the British Breakthrough Act at the BRIT Awards.

"It's definitely been a good year - 100%. The album went to No.1 which is crazy, I don't understand it still but it's amazing.

"The BRITs was also a highlight. It all kind of feels like a blur now. We've done so many gigs, radio and TV interviews, promos and flights, and all kinds of stuff, it's kind of all blended into one."

In his emotional acceptance speech, Walker thanked his 82-year-old granny, Sadie, who has become a star in her own right over the last year. 

"She has been interviewed so much. She was on Lorraine on TV only a few weeks ago. She's done a few bits and bobs.

"There was a lot of stuff coming in for my Gran in terms of opportunities. I've tried to kind of shy away from it a bit because it was getting a bit scary, and I didn't want her to become a person who couldn't walk down the street in Scotland".

"I love spending time with her and I don't want that to be in a work capacity."

He added: "I'm going to Scotland together soon and instead of getting the bus I'm going to drive myself from London to Sheffield and then I'm going to go from Sheffield to Glasgow, and leave the car at hers and spend a bit of time with her. She's 82 and I want to spend as much time with her as I can."

Next year also looks set to be a busy year for the rising star who is hoping to buy a house with his fiancée, along with writing his second album, and throwing in some festivals for good measure.

"I think I'm going to do anywhere between twenty to thirty festivals next year. But there's not going to be a UK, Ireland, America or European tour of any sort. We're doing a home run tour which is me doing a few dates in Scotland and finishing up in Manchester, but that's more of an acoustic and intimate tour, because I need to write my second album. 

"I've had 27 years to do the first one so I need a least a year to get together the second one," he laughed.

The deluxe edition of What a Time to be Alive is out on November 8.

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