Influenced is a new RTÉ Player Original series that sees Today FM presenter, and social media addict, Pamela Joyce, take on the challenge to live like her favourite celebs IRL, and we've gotten the scoop on just what that was like.

Pamela attempts to live her best civilian life with curves like Kim Kardashian, a ponytail like Ariana Grande, nails like Cardi B and a glow like Gwyneth Paltrow – no mean feat for a mere mortal!

Where did the idea for Influenced come from?

For my sins, I'm obsessed with celebrities. The influence they have over their millions of followers online baffles me – so I wanted to explore that. I wanted to see if their lifestyles are realistic for an average person who doesn’t have an entourage to help them day in and day out. And thus, Influenced was born!

What was the biggest challenge in making it?

The biggest challenge was trying to get into that corset to mimic Kim K. I didn’t grow up in the 1800s, obviously, so trying to get a corset on was a new experience. And it certainly wasn’t easy. How women wore them every day is beyond me. The discomfort was unfathomable, and I actually got dizzy filming because it was so tight. Even breathing was a challenge.

How much time do you spend on social media per day?

I hate to admit it but my phone is glued to my hands. I don’t have my screen time turned on because I’m terrified of what it might say! I would estimate that I open Instagram about 5 times an hour. That sounds awful when I say it out loud.

How did you choose which trends to test out?

I’ve been fascinated by the Kardashians since they first came on the scene. Not necessarily always positively – but their sheer influential power blows my mind. So Kim K was an obvious choice. With Ariana, it was easy. Her ponytail is one of the most recognisable celebrity looks of the past 10 years so I was eager to test it out. As a nail biter, I wanted to know what life with nails would be like. And who better to emulate than Cardi B? And I'm definitely a cynic when it comes to holistic lifestyles so I wanted to see could following the Goop lifestyle change my mind – shockingly, it did not.

Do you believe in no pain, no gain?

After working on Influenced, I think I do! The trends I followed are certainly exaggerated versions of what some people do in order to look good. But I do believe that in order to achieve something spectacular, a lot of work has to go in.

Which was the most fun to do?

I enjoyed Cardi B’s nails the most. Purely because of how incapacitated I was. I could barely do anything for myself. I couldn’t take my make-up of without stabbing myself. I couldn’t tie my own bra. It was a surreal experience, and gave me a new found appreciation for my stubby little nails.

Do you think they're mad for doing what they do, or did it give you a new respect for them?

I would not be rushing back to try any of the trends again. I was exhausted after it. To think people do this day in day out just to get a good Instagram photo is ridiculous. But each to their own I suppose.

What have your friends and family's reactions been like?

My parents were certainly taken aback by the lengths some celebrities go to; particularly the pelvic floor trainer – sorry Dad. People have also been baffled by some of the ridiculous Goop products. I have been told that Cardi B’s nails suit me though, so I might start rocking them.

If you could've done one more, what would it be?

I would have loved to try out the diet that Beyoncé reportedly followed while rehearsing for her Coachella performance. She had just given birth to twins and showbiz outlets claim she followed a VERY strict diet with a big calorie deficit. All the while dancing and singing for 12 hours a day and looking after 3 kids.

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