Following his acclaimed interview on RTÉ One's Ray D'Arcy Show at the weekend, jockey Paddy Merrigan will tell his story on the TG4 documentary series Finné on Wednesday night at 9:30pm.

You can watch a clip from the programme by clicking on the link above (note: contains strong language).

The programme looks at the Athlone man's rise to the top of his profession, the personal problems he has battled, his return to horse-racing and embracing of mental health.

The makers of the programme say: "Paddy Merrigan was on the top of his game in the horse-racing world at 17 years of age. 

"This young jockey, raised in a council estate in Athlone, had a certain ambition and determination that helped his meteoric rise to the top, but it was these traits that led to a sudden fall from grace. 

"After losing out on his partnership with renowned horse Souffleur, Paddy's world and career fell apart. Now, he's ready to come back and be the best in his game once again."

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