There are dramatic scenes coming up on Fair City when Katy lures Tessa into the attic to give her a taste of Ciarán's medicine.

Coming up in Wednesday's episode, Katy lures a flustered Tessa into the attic under the pretense of helping her find Rose who has gone missing.

When Tessa looks unconvinced at entering the dark attic space, Katy lays on a guilt trip.

"You said you'd do anything to help us find her," she tells Tessa. "If you don't want to help anymore then fine."

"Fine, fine I'll take a look," Tessa relents. When she ventures further into the darkened attic, Katy rushes to close the door and block their exit.

"I want to go down, let me out," Tessa pleads.

"My gran is in danger and you're the only one that can help her," Katy fires back.

"I already told you I don't know where she is! Katy let me go", a worried Tessa says. "It's terrible what's happened to Rose. I wish I knew where she was but I'm not to blame, you know that. I hate Ciarán for what he did to you but he wasn't well."

"Stop making excuses for him," Katy explodes. "Why can't you see your brother for what he is, an evil, psychopath. If you knew what he was like you'd hand him over without a second thought. Maybe you need to get a taste of what he did to me."

Katy picks up a rag from the ground as Tessa asks her, "What are you doing?"

"Whatever it takes to help my gran," a determined Katy responds.

Viewers can find out what happens next on Wednesday at 8pm on RTÉ One.

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