Coronation Street star Jack P Shepherd said his character David Platt was "quite scared" to come face-to-face with his attacker in prison.

In recent episodes, viewers watched tense scenes as David was confronted with his rapist Josh Tucker (Ryan Clayton) in prison.

P Shepherd admits his character is "quite angry" that Josh is in the same prison, saying:  "Quite scared actually, he thought he'd never see him again and it brings all that emotion back.

"But also quite angry that Josh is in here because he’s awaiting trial for raping someone else."

"David is also worried that his secret will get out to the other inmates and he’s not sure how the other prisoners will react to the fact that he was raped."

As a riot breaks out in the prison, David "just wants to keep his head down" instead of seeking revenge.

"Before the riot kicks off David is due to be getting out in a few weeks so he just wants to keep his head down, but then at the same time he befriends these inmates called Abe and Tez and they get it out of him that he was raped by Josh. They say he needs teaching a lesson and he should do him in.

"They say they're going to stage a riot and that will be David’s chance because you can get away with anything in a riot, there’ll be no witnesses and they’ll bring Josh to him. David’s left pondering it and I think he is swept up in their plan no matter how much he knows he should just be keeping his head down. 

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