Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler are hoping to cash in on the success of their Netflix movie Murder Mystery with a sequel. 

When Murder Mystery was released on Netflix in June over 30 million streams were recorded on its first weekend, despite an almost universal mauling from the critics.

Aniston and Sandler in Murder Mystery 

The film, which is about a married couple who get framed for the killing of a billionaire's elderly uncle while on holiday in Europe, had the biggest opening weekend ever for a Netflix movie.

The company usually avoids giving exact viewing figures, but pulled the curtain back on several films this year.

Sharing the news to Twitter, the streaming service wrote: "ADAM SANDLER AND JENNIFER ANISTON BREAKING NEWS ALERT. 30,869,863 accounts watched Murder Mystery in its first 3 days - the biggest opening weekend ever for a Netflix Film. 13,374,914 accounts in the US and Canada, and 17,494,949 more worldwide."

Talks have begun with writer James Vanderbilt to pen the sequel.

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