Golf legend Shane Lowry and novelist Jeffrey Archer are among the guests on this Friday's Late Late Show.

It's been just over two months since his phenomenal win at the British Open, and tomorrow night, Ryan will catch up with golfer Shane Lowry to see how life has changed for the Offaly man - and if the celebrations have actually stopped!

With sales of his books topping 330 million, British novelist Jeffrey Archer joins Ryan in studio to chat about why, at the age of 79, he has no intention of putting down his pen.

The former Tory politician will also discuss why he's a Remainer who wants to see Brexit happen, what he thinks of Boris Johnson and what it has been like to be in Westminster over the past three years.

Jeffrey Archer

Former Ireland International and RTÉ soccer analyst Richie Sadlier will also be in studio, to discuss a very personal story for the first time.

25 years since it debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest at The Point Theatre in Dublin, Riverdance has produced weddings, babies and endless friendships among troops which have toured around the world.

Ryan will be speaking to some of the show's dancers from down the years, and viewers will be treated to a special anniversary performance.

Limerick native Jean Tierney captured the hearts of the nation when she told her story on Operation Transformation earlier this year, before ending her weight loss journey early on the series. Jean will be in studio to share some happier news.

Plus, newcomer D Cullen performs his new single for the first time.

The Late Late Show, Friday at 9.35pm on RTÉ One