Oscar-winning actor Michael Douglas, who has been working in show business for 50 years, has said that he has no intention of retiring.

"I was not an actor growing up, I had a lot of stage fright early in my career. I'm enjoying myself (now) more than I have." he said.

The Wall Street star, who has already won a Golden Globe this year, is nominated to receive an Emmy for his role in the comedy The Kominsky Method. 

Speaking to the Press Association about his nomination, Douglas said he has enjoyed the moment with his father, 102-year-old Kirk.

He said: "And I'm really savouring the fact - because my father doesn't think I'm very funny - I'm really enjoying the fact he can't get over this when he looks at the other people I'm with.

"He loves a good laugh, I do my best but I'm not going to be winning any award from him. He's fantastic - I never anticipated this."

Speaking about the secret of his success, Douglas said: "Because I'm a producer I've never thought a lot about the part, I've thought more about the piece of material.

"And the fact I love to have a small part in a good movie rather than a big part in a bad movie. I have a pretty good sense of what's good material and I have a pretty good batting average. Fifty years now, in the biz."

Douglas is in a very competitive category for the Emmy this year with Bill Hader, Ted Danson and Eugene Levy also in the running.