It's been 25 years since Friends first aired and now almost three decades later it has not only become one of the most loved and most re-watched TV shows of all time, but it has also changed the way we speak.

Whether it's down to the genius of the scripts, the hilarity of the one-liners or the brilliant delivery from the cast, whatever the reason, much of the dialogue from Friends has transcended mere quote territory and become part of our daily vernacular.

I mean, I can't eat fajitas without thinking of Ross, or claim ownership of a sandwich for that matter, and my engineering friends think of him every time they use a pivot table in work (whatever that is).

When something goes mildly wrong, it's impossible not to give a Phoebe-esque 'Oh no' in response, or a Ross-y "I'M FINE" when things are certainly not.

Then you have Joey's "I'm a lone wolf, a loner" when sometimes you need a bit of me-time, or you're trying to pick yourself up after a crappy date, and then some "I'm curvy and I like it" for a bit of body positivity.

Any time I walk through glass doors, I can't help but say "through the glass doors" on my way, and if you bring me some news you betcha there's a "this is brand new information" coming.

When something is "just good sense", or I'm explaining the rules of a game - "they help control the fun" - my inner Monica comes out, and my hair embraces her cries of "it's the humidity" when there is the tiniest hint of moisture in the air.

A moot point is always "moo" now – "it's a cow's opinion, its moo" – and I find it easier to justify not sharing my food too with a jokey, yet serious, "Sinead doesn't share food".

If I don't understand my friend's job, they're automatically a "transponster" and yes, I know that's "not even a word".... "I'm sorry" - depending on the day it's channelling Rachel, or Joey's misguided use of air-quotes.

I've never been skiing, but I know when I do I will "shoop shoop" my way down the slopes, while wondering if I could BE any more Rachel.

I have daily "unagi" moments, any time I straighten my hair it has to be "straight, straight, straight, straight" and I'm not quite sure how this one comes up as much as it does, but the "neat guy" scene gets referenced a lot.

The best thing about how ingrained Friends has become in how I speak is how my own friends always know exactly what I'm talking about and do the very same. I guess they're my lobsters.