Aslan singer Christy Dignam told Friday night's Late Late Show that his battle with amyloidosis continues after having his hopes dashed that he would be suitable for a new drug that has shown in studies to halt or reverse the disease in certain cases. 

Amyloidosis is a rare disease that sees an abnormal protein called amyloid build up in tissues and organs.

Dignam told RTÉ Radio 1's Ray D'Arcy Show in July that he had just learned of the success of the new treatment - but on the Late Late he said he had subsequently discovered that his type of amyloidosis would not respond to it.  

"The story is there's about three different types of amyloidosis," he explained to host Ryan Tubridy. "The one I have, 60 per cent of amyloidosis people have it; it's a random one that anyone can get. So that's called AL [Amyloid Light-chain] Amyloidosis. 

"There's another one called ATTR [Amyloid Transthyretin] Amyloidosis... so that's a genetic [hereditary] one."

"So I heard there was a cure," he continued. "I was on the Ray D'Arcy Show and I seen 'Cure for Amyloidosis' so I was doing cartwheels.

"That was on a Thursday, so the following Tuesday I went into Beaumont and I said to the doctor, my oncologist, 'Are you going to put me on this Patisiran, this new drug?' And he said, 'That's no good for you. That's only for the people with the genetic [amyloidosis]."

"So it wasn't to be unfortunately," said the host.

"No. I was sickened. But anyway..." Dignam replied stoically.

"But you still keep coming back on this show, which I'm happy to say," offered Tubridy. "You even say in the book [that] every time you go on the Late Late Show you wonder is it your last and thankfully every time it's not."

"Absolutely," smiled Dignam.

The Finglas man was a guest on the Late Late following the publication of his memoir, My Crazy World, and was in fine voice on the night.

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