Dermot Bannon has admitted it was stress-free working alongside landscape master, Diarmuid Gavin, on the new series of Room to Improve as he "was working with someone who was like-minded".

The much-loved home renovation series returned to RTÉ One last Sunday for its 12th series, and this time round there was a very special guest in tow.

Speaking to Ryan Tubridy on Friday's Late Late Show, Bannon joked about how he didn't even attempt to boss the gardening king around as "he doesn't take any orders".

When asked if Bannon tried to give his two cents when it came to outdoor projects, Gavin insisted he was easy-going about the process.

"They sent me a couple of photos of the site and I did the plans up before I met him about it.

"And he said 'yeah, these are fine’.

"I was waiting to be hit around the place or whatever but it never happened," he laughed.

Bannon said he knew they would get on swimmingly and admits Gavin's design was "actually amazing" and "blew" him away.

"I think people thought because I go up against clients a lot of the time on the show, and we have debates, it would be the same, but I was working with someone who was like-minded, and when he showed me the design, it was actually amazing!

"It was also an amazing experience because a lot of the time on Room to Improve I sit at one side of the table, and I’m showing the drawings to people and they say 'Oh, I never would have thought of that’, and ‘that’s really great and what about that’.

"They have that look of wonder in their eyes when they see drawings sometimes...and I got it when I saw yours because it blew me away," Bannon said.

A highlight from their interview came when Tubridy asked the pair to reveal what fellow guest, Aslan's Christy Dignam, said backstage about last week's episode of Room to Improve.

Bannon sheepishly revealed that Dignam had said "the garden saved the house", with the Late Late audience erupting into laughter.

You can catch Room to Improve on Sundays, at 9.30pm, on RTÉ One.

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