Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Andrew Scott were filmed handing out cans of gin and tonic to Fleabag fans queuing outside the Wyndham Theatre in London's West End.

The stage show of Fleabag is currently running at the Wyndham and, with tickets at a premium, desperate fans are willing to queue for many hours in the hope of getting to see the show.

Then yeterday (September 7) the show's writer, creator and star Waller-Bridge appeared outside the theatre with Scott before a show, carrying trays of M&S gin and tonic.

Waller-Bridge's Fleabag and Scott's priest famously bonded during the show's second season on the BBC over cans of gin and tonic, which the priest had hidden in his church's sacristy.

Alexei, one of several fans who filmed the gin giveaway, told The Guardian: "Just before the box office opened, Andrew Scott came out followed by Phoebe Waller-Bridge carrying boxes of M&S G&T, giving them away to everyone in the queue.

"No one could believe it was actually happening! Phoebe Waller-Bridge thanked everyone for waiting for hours and said that she hoped people would get tickets and would enjoy the show.

"Andrew was carrying slimline G&T, whilst PWB [Waller-Bridge] had the 'full-fat one’, as she said. It was a huge surprise to everyone and was very nice of them. Everyone was in shock."

Meanwhile, Andrew Scott has said that being referred to as "openly gay" implies a defiance that he does not feel, and that the term does not reflect who he is.

The 42-year-old told GQ magazine: "You're never described as openly gay at a party - 'This is my openly gay friend Darren', 'She's openly Irish'. It implies a defiance I don't feel."

Scott added that it was perfectly feasible for a gay actor to create the required on-screen chemistry when acting a straight relationship.

"Sexuality isn't something you can cultivate, particularly," he said. "It isn't a talent . . . You believe the relationship, that's my job."