Derry Girls writer Lisa McGee told RTÉ Entertainment how she is still shocked by the success of the show and admits the cast and crew still can't get over the reaction from viewers.

The much-loved show, which was confirmed for a third series in April, has formed a legion of fans since it first aired in January 2018.

"It really sort of caught on and really landed. I don't think anyone was expecting it.

"It's lovely. Of all the things I’ve ever written this was not the one I expected to have an audience like that," the screenwriter said at the Virgin Media Television autumn season schedule unveiling.

"I don’t think any of us still quite believe it. It’s great!"

McGee and her actor husband, Tobias Beer, are currently working on a psychological thriller, The Deceived, which is set to air on Virgin Media Television this autumn.

The series focuses on a young woman who falls in love with her married lecturer while she is his student.

The affair leads to a mysterious death and leaves many questions left to be answered, and of course, it promises many twists and turns along the way.

When asked if they leave work talk off the dinner table, Beer joked how it's the complete opposite.

"We will talk about it over the dinner table and over drinks - particularly early on - when we are discussing an idea.

"But when we actually get down to it we work separately, and then come together to discuss what we've done, just so we don't go completely mad.

"It tends to work so far, but the divorce may come around the time it comes out. We'll see," he laughed.

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