Three Coronation actresses Brooke Vincent, Hayley Tamaddon and Julia Goulding who are pregnant at the same time, have had their picture taken together on a spa day.

The trio are all expecting their first babies: Hayley, who plays Andrea Beckett, Brooke, who plays Sophie Webster, and Julia who plays Shona Ramsey said they were delighted to go through this together.

Mummy's to be having a spa day at the garden spa in Warrington .. proudly showing off our baby bumps. So lucky we get to go through this together. 💖

— hayley tamaddon (@hayleysoraya) August 16, 2019

Hayley, 42, was told that she would never be able to have a baby is expecting a boy with her fiancé which she announced last April.

Brooke, 27, also made her announcement last April that she was expecting her baby with footballer Kean Bryan.

The following month of May, Julia announced that she was expecting with her husband Ben Silver.