In an arrangement that would surely win the approval of Sheldon Cooper, Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco has revealed that she and her husband don't actually live together.  

The actress, who played Penny in the sitcom, which finally ended last May after jumping the quark years ago, married equestrian Karl Cook in July, 2018 but they have yet to set up their perfect home.

Speaking to E! Online, Cuoco said that she and Cook have an "unconventional marriage" right now but she did say that they will move in together eventually.

"We're building our dream house," she said. "We're eventually going to be under the same roof forever."

She added that she thinks it's important for couples to spend some time apart. "We have a very unconventional marriage," Cuoco said. "We have different locations that we're at a lot. We're not together every single day and I think, personally, it's important, it works well for us.

Following the end of The Big Bang Theory after 12 seasons, the actress has been working on her new Harley Quinn DC animated series as well as landing her first live-action TV role since Big Bang.