Love Island saved all the big drama until last on Tuesday night, as Anna Vakili tore strips off other half Jordan Hames for his treatment of her, and his interest in India Reynolds.

Trouble was brewing when Jordan confided to Curtis Pritchard that he thought he rushed into his relationship with Anna, and that he had feelings for newcomer India.

Hell hath no fury...

Later, Curtis told Maura about the conversation he had with Jordan.

"Basically, he is a little bit confused," explained Curtis, stirring the pot with a 50-foot ladle. "He has feelings for India." 

"Sorry, what?" replied Maura.

Curtis tried to keep the news under wraps, but Maura wanted to tell Anna straight away.

When Maura saw Jordan talking to India, she said: "Is he going to do that before talking to Anna? I don't believe this!" 

Jordan - making a Hames of it

Maura walked over to Anna and told her: "He's cracking on with India. He likes India." 

"How do you know?" asked Anna.

"Curtis told me," Maura replied. "He's pulled her for a chat right now." 

A furious Anna then made a beeline for Jordan and India to get answers - and all-expletive hell broke loose.

Ovie Soko took India away from the argument as the other women rallied around Anna. Chris Taylor and Anton Danyluk watched from afar as the war of words continued.

Viewers can find out if there's anything left of the place on Wednesday on Virgin Media Two and ITV2 from 9:00pm.

Here are some of the fans' reactions:

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