Fair City cast members past and present have taken to social media to pay tribute to the late actor Karl Shiels who has died aged 47.

Shiels arrived in Fair City in 2014 as "the formidable" Robbie Quinn and made a huge impression on Carrigstown over the years.

In a statement, his colleagues said he "always brought such warmth, talent and humour to Carrigstown.

"Gone too soon. Thank you for everything, Karl. Rest in Peace."

Actress Jenny Dixon, who played Kerri-Ann on Fair City, was among those paying tribute to Shiels on Twitter, writing: "Very sad news. A big character on & off screen. A lovable rogue & heart of gold.

"Always there with a hug & kind words. Can't believe I'm writing this. It was an honour to work with you & to know you as a friend. My thoughts & prayers.. you’re missed already Karl Shiels."

Rachel Carson Pilkington, who plays Jane on the soap, said he was a "very talented actor with the sharpest wit & an ability to make me laugh until I was in tears".

"I'll miss him so much", she added.

Lee Collins actor Dave Kelly tweeted that he is "heartbroken at the news".

He wrote: "I'll miss you trying to make me laugh before a take. You brought great talent and life to the set everyday. For all them little bits of wisdom you shared, thank you."

Eric Lalor, who played Cathal on the soap, said he is "absolutely stunned and heartbroken" at the loss of his "great friend."

Clelia Murphy, who played long-running character Niamh Cassidy on Fair City, said "there really are no words."

Former Fair City actor Emmet Kelly wrote on Twitter: "He was brilliant to me on my first day on Fair City.

"He showed me around and explained how things run. He ran a great theatre that gave a lot of us a start to showcase our work. He will be missed.

Former co-star Johnny Ward tweeted: "Completely stunned and brokenhearted to hear of this absolute gent.

"This man had the most incredible photographic memory and could look at a script once and he would be able to deliver. A true legend. RIP Karl. You will be missed."

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