Love Island star Amy Hart has poured cold water over Maura Higgins' relationship with Curtis Pritchard, saying that Maura only needs her ex-partner as a means to remain on the show.

Amy, who left last week after splitting from Curtis, said that her love rival Maura focused on her former flame because there were no other suitable options in the villa.

Maura made a move for Dancing with the Stars' Curtis shortly after his break-up with Amy, saying that she had had feelings for him since she joined the show, but that she did not pursue him initially because he was in a relationship at the time.

Amy Hart

Amy told ITV's Loose Women: "I had said that, once I was out of a couple I won't be here for much longer because obviously to stay in Love Island you have to be in a couple.

"And I think when it got down to it, there was George (Rains), Marvin (Brooks) and Curtis left. Obviously Marvin was out of the equation and Ovie (Soko) was out of the equation too, and George was out the equation, so Curtis was the best option for her at that time to stay in the villa."

In recent episodes, Curtis has been torn between Maura and newcomer Francesca Allen, who chose him in the latest recoupling.

Amy said that she did not initially warm to Maura because of how she had treated some of the other islanders, but that they later formed a friendship "because she is kind, caring, funny, and we've both travelled a lot so we bonded over that.

Curtis Pritchard

"So for then her, to, yet again, move the goalposts to suit her situation, to decide we were never friends in the first place because she wanted to get with Curtis, obviously it's not the most ideal thing," Amy added.

"But I left on good terms with her because, I want all of my friends to be happy. For example, Molly-Mae, I utterly adore Molly-Mae, and it's her 21st birthday next year, and I don't want her to have to think, 'can I invite Amy, can I invite Maura, can I invite Curtis, is it going to be awkward?'. I want her to enjoy herself with all her friends."

Following her departure from the villa, which she chose to do so Curtis could be happy and move on with somebody else, Amy has appeared on Love Island spin-off show Aftersun.