Love Island's Curtis Pritchard said he was "speechless" after Maura Higgins kissed him during a dance challenge on Wednesday night's show.

Curtis's ex Amy Hart quit the show this week after the end of their romance, leaving him free to crack on with Maura.

The latest episode saw the islanders take part in a raunchy dance challenge in which the contestants had to dance seductively to try and get each other's pulses racing.

Maura takes part in Love Island dance challenge

Maura climbed onto Curtis's lap and kissed him during the challenge while the onlooking islanders whooped with excitement.

They were wearing heart monitors for the challenge and at the end it was revealed that Maura and Curtis had affected each other's pulse rates more than any other of the other contestants did.

After they locked lips, Maura said in the Beach Hut: "I just decided to show him exactly what is what."

Curtis and Maura kissed on Wednesday night's Love Island
Curtis and Maura kissed on Wednesday night's Love Island

Curtis said he was: "Speechless. Very speechless."

At the end of the episode it was announced that a recoupling is looming, which will see the girls pick the boys they want to be with. Anyone left single will be in danger of being dumped from the island.

Love Island continues on Virgin Media Two and ITV2.