There's friction ahead on Wednesday's Fair City when Hayley and Charlotte clash over work. Take a sneak peek at the drama here.

Coming up on the soap, Hayley isn't too happy to see Charlotte having a relaxing morning of shopping when Hayley thought she was meant to be working.

Charlotte is quick to remind Hayley she's not her boss, snapping back: "I decide what hours I do."

Hayley isn't having any of it, saying: "Yeah but you at least need to let me know if you're not going to be checking the emails."

Charlotte has a typically smart response.

"Dear Hayley, I'm not even going to be checking the emails. Kind regards, Charlotte. Happy?", she says.

"No!", Hayley fires back. "You're here having a 'treat yourself morning' and my ma's left holding Decco's snapper. Your family need to figure out a way of raising that kid on your own, without relying on the kindness of mine."

"Maybe you should get off my back", Charlotte shoots back.

"Alright new rule, the start of the week you let me know when you're in", Hayley demands.

"Or what?" Charlotte asks her.

"Or I cancel your last payment", Hayley threatens, and Charlotte has to bite her tongue.

Fans can find out what happens next on RTÉ One on Wednesday at 8:00pm.

Fair City airs on RTÉ One on Sundays and Tuesdays to Thursdays.

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